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JESSE Jogger

★★★★★ "Thank you for making these pants. My daughter has not worn pants in over 4 years. She really likes these pants. It is so nice to see her in clothing that doesn’t make her skin crawl! You’ve made a difference in our family!" -Tia


JAMIE Jogger

★★★★★ "It is near impossible to find pants for my son to wear. Items need to be soft, slim fitting, and not too heavy. These pants fit all 3 categories - and, to date, are the only pair in the world that do. A definite bonus that they're also really cute and don't look like he's wearing pajamas. A million thank yous for creating these. " Betsy



★★★★★ "These are the only pants my Sensory child will wear! I am so thankful for these pants!" Kelli

★★★★★ "High quality pants... they wear really well and stand up to washing. This is a third year in a row that we are ordering those! " Marie M

★★★★★ "Excellent quality and perfect for any child with sensory and/or tag issues!" CovingtonCottage

★★★★★ "My child has sensory processing issues and is very, very picky when it comes to clothes and texture! These pants became an instant favorite! They are soft, non-binding, and the seams are on the outside. I am so thankful I found [sensory smart] clothing and highly recommend to other moms! Worth every penny....every morning!"


ANNA Legging

★★★★★ "Very soft material and well sewed! I ordered two pairs and these are the only leggings my daughter will wear!" pitchou2

★★★★★ "My daughter loves everything about these leggings. She likes how soft they are and stay fitted (doesn't bag out on the knees). She is very sensitive to the feeling of fabric, she thinks most cotton leggings are itchy. But these bamboo leggings are like silk to her. Wonderful Customer service!!! Highly recommend." Angelique T.


LONDON Lounge Pant 

★★★★★ "Return customer and still very happy with these! :)" Carrie F.

★★★★★ "We love these and had an easy, quick inquiry and shipment time. My son is very picky with clothing textures and now these are his preference. I'm so relieved we found something that works. They are soft and seamless." Jenny

★★★★★ "Amazing. Game changer for my spd daughter. Thank you so much." alkinney



★★★★★ "These are a lifesaver, only ones my sensory child will wear!" Audrey

★★★★★ "These are the best underpants for kids with sensory needs. Great service as well!" Wendi

★★★★★ "great quality! My second purchase and not disappointed! These boxers saved many heart aches and tantrums over uncomfortable underwear. We purchased the first batch almost a year ago, washed and dried, my daughter even used them in ocean and pool because she refused to wear swimsuit bottoms and they are still in perfect condition! Worth every dollar spent." Julie

★★★★★ "These underwear have been a game changer for my son. We have had problems with him wanting to tuck his shirt into his underwear for the past 5 years. The solutions we came up with weren’t working anymore and it was a problem with sensory issues and also kids noticing his discomfort and adjusting things with out thinking. He is 12 years old and middle school is brutal. These have made all the difference. No shirt tucking into his underwear and a lot less fidgeting. Love this product!" Aimee



★★★★★ "I love these flat-seamed shirts for my sensory sensitive daughter! She started wearing clothes from Sensory Smart Clothing five years ago (when she was two), and we keep buying bigger sizes as she grows!" Monique